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Our team of experts led by mechanical engineers, will determine the most appropriate device for your car.

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Let your fleet save money for the maintenance of auto gas equipment installation.

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Whether you drive a petrol or diesel, with our devices will considerably reduce the expenses for fuel.


About us

               Set Autogasa za ugradnju  

                   Aleksandar Karić 

Dear friends in the exciting LPG world, When we have established the company Union Karić ltd, it was our wish to create a first enterprise in Serbia to deal with import, export, distribution and installation of LPG car conversion system in an organized way offering our customers complete service.
By the time, we have gained a wealth of experience. 140 000 LPG conversion systems sold and over 12 000 vehicles converted in our own workshop, attracted a numerous world known companies in autogas industry to entrust distributorship rights for the market of Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Albania but also Poland, Check Republic and Slovakia.
Our mission Being a very dynamic company, constantly improving interacting with our customers, we were able to offer the top class autogas equipment of world known manufacturers carefully following certification and quality control and warranty periods.
Union Karić ltd keeps with the strictest European quality and safety standards, thus urging autogas industry development in accordance with ecological requirements. As socially responsible company we aim to satisfy drivers to use and get benefit from LPG as both cheaper and eco-friendly fuel.

Our partners More then 10 years in distribution & installation business UNION KARIĆ ltd has led us to be partners of the world class manufacturers like AC SPOLKA AKCYJNA, ATIKER, TOMASETTO, APOLO, VALTEK, OMB, FLASHLUBE, FAGUMIT and others which entrusted their distributorship agreements with us for the countries of ex-Yugoslavia and worldwide. AC

AC SPOLKA AKCYJNA is world known Polish manufacturer of sequential systems and electronic components for autogas conversion systems. Renowned Turkish manufacturer of LPG tanks and autogas conversion system ATIKER stands for quality and asortment of products in compliance with the toughest European standards ikn the field.

TOMASETTO ACHILLE is world esteemed Italian company famous for its multivalves, but also for reducers, LPG valves and accessories for autogas equipment.

Even as a very young company, APOLO from USA as already at the forefront of its business field and is recognized as one leading american creator of LPG industry solutions. It designs and develops components for the international automotive sector, specializing in the alternative fuel marketplace. With a reputation for innovation, responsiveness and being ahead of the curve, APOLO provides its partners with a market-focused approach to its products, especially related to software in automotive electronics.

VALTEK is well known Italian company and its main activity is the development and production of safety solenoid valves, injectors and filters for LPG automotive applications. FLASHLUBE is Australian company specialized in producton of fuel additives designed to clean the fuel system, protect with superior lubrication qualities and keep your engine valves protected and the upper cylinder areas cool, clean & lubricated.
We emphasize additive that prevents fuel gelling and waxing in diesel fuels and diesel fuel conditioner which decreases fuel consumption up to 6,5% and increases the strenght. Finally, we are glad to mention excellent cooperation we have with

FAGUMIT which produces a rubber hoses for LPG, gasoline, water and other purposes. Our offer additionally consists of complete accessories and consumables from various producers for proper installation and maintenance of converted vehicles such as emulators, switches, copper pipes, clamps, filte4rs, membranes, tank supports and telescopes, belts, forks and extensions. In order to improve the quality of services in post sale activities, we have organized installers net of installers on the whole territory of Serbia and regional countries. Therefore, we have established our own companies in Bosnia and Herzegowina, Croatia. Slovenia and Poland to coordinate the distribution & installation and further spread our net in European countries and worldwide.

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With each built-in Autogas device we give a set of "BRISK SILVER" spark plugsfor LPG/CNG.


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