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Computer units


Autogaz AC / Stag 4 plus


The smallest construction – Full of possibilities in its class

Miniaturized Microprocessor Sequential Gas Injection Controller

Miniaturized Microprocessor Sequential Gas Injection Controller STAG-4 Plus
has evolved from the tried, tested and reliable system STAG-300 Plus.
The modernized controller is fitted with updated software with an additional
3D graphical map, which allows the precise control of gas injection,
depending on the rotational speed of the engine.


The device offers the option of additional manual adjustment of the operating parameters, depending on the temperature
of the injected gas, as well as a gas injector warm-up option. The controller software upgraded by adding accurate
dosing functions for gas injection means that the cars with a system based on the STAG-4 Plus controller meet
Euro 5 exhaust emission standards.


The controller is designed for all cars fitted with petrol engines with 1 to 4 cylinders, including a Valvetronic throttle
less intake system (used e.g. in BMW engines), turbo, full group and sequential and semi-sequential petrol injection.
The petrol injection emulator embedded in the controller is terminated with a Europe/Bosch type connection.
STAG-4 Plus supports the AcGasSynchro software.


The advanced production technology ensures the reliability of STAG-4 Plus.

• Aluminium watertight housing.
• Build-in sequential petrol injection emulator.


Functional Characteristics
• Maintaining the key operating parameters of the engine:
  power, torque at the same level as for petrol fuelling.
• Automatic switching to petrol in the case of the lack of gas.
• Automatic switching to gas fuelling.
• Meets Euro 5 exhaust emission standards.
• Reminder to check the gas system.
• Accurate dosing of gas, depending on the rotational speed of the engine.
• Allows for the running on gas within the entire engine load range.
• Imperceptible moment of switching to gas fuelling.

Installation and Calibration

• Intuitive calibration of the controller.
• Setting air/fuel mixture ratio based on the information about petrol injection timing.
• Automatic adjustment of gas temperature and pressure.
• LPG/CNG compatible.
• Improved compatibility with (sequential, full group and semi-sequential) fuel systems.
• Controller is compatible with all gas reducers and injectors.
• New CNG algorithms.
• Gas injector connections compatible with most commercially available injector rails.


Software Functionality
• 3D graphical map – adjustment based on RPMs: graphical and digital visualisation.
• Detailed view of operating parameters on the oscilloscope.
• Setting extra-injection cut-off thresholds.
• Gas injector warm-up option.
• Engine RPM signal filter.
• Standard and turbocharged engines.
• New "Injection Control Type” option – permits the engines with a full group control to be fitted with e.g. a Valtek 3 Ohm type
of injector.
• Mazda leaning option.
• Option of manual adjustment of operating parameters.
• Option of additional gas injector correction.

Warranty: 3 years - 2 years from the date of installation and not longer than 3 years from the date of manufacture


Year of production Number of cylinders STAG-4 PLUS
1990 and older 3 or 4 recommended
1991-2002 3 or 4 recommended
2003 and newer 3 or 4 recommended STAG-300 Premium

Selection of STAG-4 Plus Controller depending on the year of manufacture of the car equipped with a multi-function electronic petrol injection.


Autogaz AC / Stag 200

Microprocessor based gas injection controller.

The device controls gas injection on the basis of sequential or non-sequential petrol injection.
Seamless switching from petrol to gas as well as automatic switching to petrol In the event of gas shortage, which is additionally signalled with a special sound.
Control panel with diodes indicating gas level.
Computer adjusted parameters. Equipped with internal sequential petrol injection emulator.
The device is compatible with 2-4 cylinder petrol engines (in-line or V). Available with various gas injectors tips:
RAIL, Valtek, Reg, Zavoli, Matrix. Emulator wires are equipped with Europe/Bosh or universal connections.

Autogaz AC / STAG 300 ISA 2

The system ISA2 is the ideal controller for your car.

A new generation system
The microprocessor Sequential Gas Injection Controller STAG-300 ISA2 has evolved from the tried, tested and reliable system STAG-300 Plus. The controller has been upgraded by used with the second generation Smart Self-Adaptation System ISA2.

The main task of the ISA2 System is the continuous and automatic modification of the gas maps as a function of the engine's rotational speed.

After turning the "Self-Adaptation" option on, the collection of petrol map points takes place. Sound signals inform the driver whether or not the map has been collected properly. After the petrol maps have been created, the ISA2 system automatically switches the controller over to gas. From then on, the self-adaptation is done by continuously comparing the operation of the engine for definite parameters (load and rotational speed) with the previously collected master petrol map of gas. Owing to an innovative solution, ISA 2 System provides a more accurate calculation of the dose of gas supplied to the intake manifold of the petrol engine.

Additional advantages
The controller is equipped with an advanced software. The device also allows the manual adjustment of operating parameters based on the gas temperature and the PRMs. In addition, an option of serving Wankel rotary piston engines has been implemented in the controller as well as the ability to read out the engine RPM signal from the camshaft sensor. The software also has the function of releasing the gas pressure during the cut-off and a gas injector warm-up option.
Additional controller software means that the cars with a system based on the STAG-300 ISA2 controller meet Euro 5 exhaust emission standards.

The advanced technology and the top quality of the product ensure the reliability of STAG-300 ISA2.


New functions of the controller
• Smart Self-Adaptation System ISA 2 (automatic modification of the gas map as a function of engine rotational speed).
• Correction of reducer pressure at cut-off.
• Injector warm-up at reducer temperatures ≤ 10°C.
• Monitoring of gas injector warm-up (minimization of the occurrence of the engine ECU error - "check engine”).
• Capability to serve Wankel rotary piston engines.
• Capability to pick up RPM signals from the camshaft position sensor.
• Extended gas injector (HANA 2000) and gas temperature sensor (REG, RAIL, SL) selection list.
• Additional sound signal informing of the engine start in the emergency mode.
• Capability to set a maximum number of emergency starts.

The controller is designed for all cars with petrol engines with 1 to 8 cylinders, including a Valvetronic throttle less intake system (used e.g. in BMW engines), turbo, full group and sequential and semi-sequential petrol injection. The controller is also capable of serving Wankel rotary piston engines.
The petrol injection emulator embedded in the controller is terminated with a Europe/Bosch type connection. STAG-300 ISA2 supports the AcGasSynchro software.

Autogaz AC / STAG 300 PREMIUM

STAG-300 Premium is a new generation controller equipped with Smart Autocorrecting System - SAS SAS – Smart Autocorrecting System constantly monitors short and long term STFT and LTFT corrections. STAG-300 Premium easily communicates with all OBD II and EOBD auto systems (not only CAN) by the STAG-OBD ADAPTER which aside from standard parameters enables the read out of your vehicle’s ECU corrections.


The technology applied in the STAG-300 Premium assures the very precise fuel dosage and optimal fuel mixture injected into the cylinders. The contents of the mixture is configured not only based on the petrol injection timing as it is in other controllers, but it is precisely adopted to current petrol ECU corrections while driving on gas (not only during the calibration).


STAG-300 Premium was created with accordance to plug’n’drive, user friendly technology, which makes it very simple to install and use. After the first calibration during the installation, STAG-300 Premium self-adopts in real time during standard vehicle usage.

This guaranties the same precise efficiency and proficiency on LPG/CNG as it is on Petrol.
Only STAG-300 Premium can guarantee the fullest, flawless integration with the vehicle’s factory settings.

STAG-300 Premium is designed for all vehicles with 1 to 8 cylinder petrol engines.
The integrated petrol injection emulator has a Europa/Bosch type connection.
The controller is compatible with AcGasSynchro software.

Vehicles equipped with STAG-300 Premium fulfill the EURO 5 emission norms.


Advantages of STAG-300 Premium:

  • Permanent, non interference connection with vehicles OBD, allowing connections of testers, diagnostic tools etc.
  • It’s an expansion of well established STAG-300
  • Minimizes the risk of defects associated with imprecise manual calibration
  • Separate adaptation for BANK 1 and BANK 2
    (programming option to assign gas injectors belonging to BANK 1 or BANK 2)
  • Keeps the key engine settings such as power, torque identical to the petrol settings
  • Fulfills the EURO 5 emission norms
  • 3 year manufacturers warranty

Our Minikit with STAG-300 Premium electronics includes high quality parts supplied by renowned producers such as new injection rail type 34 from Valtek. Valtek’s new injection rail type 34 is characterized by quick reaction to the injection signal which allows precise gas dosage and improved rail design makes the injector type 34 more durable (increased life-span up to 50 thousand km).

Autogaz AC / STAG 400 DPI / NEW!

AC is one of the first companies in the world to introduce a controller that allows the precise dosing of autogas within the full rpm range in engines with a direct fuel injection. STAG 400 DPI is the only controller in the market that works exceptionally well with the technology of direct petrol injection systems, which are used… More details>>>

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