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Professional approach

Our team of experts led by mechanical engineers, will determine the most appropriate device for your car.

Special offer for companies

Let your fleet save money for the maintenance of auto gas equipment installation.

Measurable results

Whether you drive a petrol or diesel, with our devices will considerably reduce the expenses for fuel.


Auto gas equipment manufacturers certificates

Dear visitors to the site, hereby pleased to inform you that all products of the companies we represent in our market in accordance with international standards and regulations for auto gas equipment.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT The established quality management systems at our partners generally are subject to ISO 9001: 2000 standards.

These standards require the application of systematic principles when working with all materials used in manufacturing and production methods.
This means that the introduction of product quality, manufacturing process and system security in the first place.

By meeting these standards creates a sustainable production of prestige in the world. The products of our partners also have a certificate of quality European ECE R 67-01 and have all the necessary conditions to ensure the implementation of the necessary quality control processes used in all stages of production, from materials to final product.


Our main principle is that "customer satisfaction, developing our company." The success of this principle enables:
• Our employees, who love their job and do it with understanding and good faith.
• Our partners give us the importance of the quality of their products.
• New technologies and products based on them that are in step or a step ahead of our time.
• The contribution of satisfied clients that we provide the equipment, increased their household budget or budgets of their   companies.
• Preservation of the environment using modern equipment for alternative fuel vehicles.


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Action - spark plugs "Brisk" a gift

With each built-in Autogas device we give a set of "BRISK SILVER" spark plugsfor LPG/CNG.


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