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Professional approach

Our team of experts led by mechanical engineers, will determine the most appropriate device for your car.

Special offer for companies

Let your fleet save money for the maintenance of auto gas equipment installation.

Measurable results

Whether you drive a petrol or diesel, with our devices will considerably reduce the expenses for fuel.


New Tomasetto reducer "AT-13 Antartic"

The new Tomasetto LPG pressure reducer, model AT13 Antartic,
is a new article developed with the specific aim to replace the present model Artic.

The Antartic model is a single stage reducer for sequential injection systems, designed with a new concept to increase the range of power and permit exceptional performances.

Like model AT09, it is equipped with solenoid valve and integrated filter unit, to reduce overall costs and to permit easier and faster installation. Available starting from the end of 2011, this new reducer will represent a new success of our R&D

Department Engine POWER: from 90 kW to 285 kW*
LPG flow rate: from 25 kg/h to 80 kg/h*

Technical data reducer AT13 ANTARTIC


Aluminium die cast body
1.4 kg
140x160x110 mm
Max. inlet pressure
3 MPa
Outlet pressure
variable from 100 to 2500 kPa *
Solenoid voltage
12 V DC
Solenoid absorption
17 W
Inlet connection
M12x1 pipe ø8 mm
Outlet connection
Fixed fitting ø12 mm
Engine power
from 90 to 285 kW, in ideal conditions







"Automechanika 2012"



International exhibition of commercial vehicles and related equipment, was held at the Belgrade Fair from 23 to 27 March 2012. in Halls 1, 1a, 2, 3 and 4 The oldest official international exhibition of road vehicles in this part of Europe is one of the three specialized events in the world that will be held this year, despite the crisis. At the 48th international exhibition of commercial vehicles involved 350 exhibitors from over 20 countries, who will present the latest trucks, buses, vans, trailers, semitrailers, special upgrades and accessories. Manufacturers have this year prepared a series premiere. With a note that BEOTRUCK is the third festival of road vehicles that will be held at the Fair, Zoran Lupšić, project manager, said earlier this year that no one believed that this event will be held: For the half-year, as the crisis lasts, a decrease in traffic of commercial vehicles of up to 90 percent, and in such circumstances, it was reasonable to expect that they will be held BEOTRUCK. We have not given up, we found a partner and now we are pleased to announce the exhibition of commercial vehicles begins on Tuesday, 23 March. A very important part of the exhibition of commercial vehicles is a professional and rich accompanying program. The most successful exhibitors will be given a Grand Prix in three categories - commercial vehicles, light commercial vehicles and related equipment. OPEN WEEK Fair BEOTRUCK is the best link between the manufacturers of commercial vehicles and their potential customers with all of Southeastern Europe. Success of the mission and the concept of custom this year's Salon. Each day of the fair is designed for a particular kind of business meeting producers and buyers of commercial vehicles. The campaign OPEN WEEK, in order to enhance sales and marketing of commercial vehicles, will offer its potential customers to introduce the world's leading manufacturers of home and commercial vehicles. The day after the opening, Wednesday 24th March, is scheduled to meet representatives of local government, utility companies and directors of other companies with the manufacturers of commercial and specialized vehicles. Thursday, 25 March day in meetings manufacturer of commercial vehicles with our builders and road construction. On Friday, 26 March Business Association for international transport, which brings together all the major domestic carriers truck, organizes talks with carriers to manufacturers of trucks. On Saturday, 27 March prepared business talks with manufacturers of bus stops. PRESS DAY Monday, 22 March is reserved for journalists and business visits, so dae reporters before the official opening and were able to talk to the exhibitors and record attractive and interesting information media. On BEOTRUCK-in will be valid journalistic pedestrian and parking passes that were given to the just-completed BG CAR SHOW, and journalists who are accredited for Salon commercial vehicles will get their special passes. RELI oldtimers This year's Rally 'classic' Memorial Prince Tomislav of Yugoslavia "is scheduled for Saturday, 27 March. Start the race at noon in front of Hall 3 Working Hours and Ticket Prices 48th INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL VEHICLE "BEOTRUCK" 23-27. March 2010.

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